The Market Reports allow you to get a very clear picture the real estate market conditions, price variations, and trends by location (city, zip code, and buildings), and by market segments (condos, number of bedrooms). Each report requires just the city name and zip code or a building name depending on the report. Here are the main sections that are produced in the reports:

  • Past 12-month's sales & listings overview
  • Overall Avg. sales price/SqFt (SqMt)
  • Avg. sales price/SqFt (SqMt) based on number of bedrooms
  • Last 20 condo units sales
  • Number of sold listings
  • Avg. number of Days On The Market (DOM)
  • Avg. sales to listing price (SP/LP) ratio
  • Overall Avg. listing price/SqFt (SqMt)
  • Avg. listing price/SqFt (SqMt) based on number of bedrooms
  • Last 20 condo units listings
  • Number of new listings

Main Applications

  • Understand better the large real estate condo's and home's price variations for each market segment based on location, building and property's number of bedrooms.
  • Detect early critical macro and micro inflection points in the real estate market.
  • Have the capability to write real estate newsletters and blogs to keep customers up-to-date on the market conditions at the city, zip code and building level.
  • Train new realtors so that they can come up to speed fast on market conditions in their farming areas.