Condo Avg. Sales Price/SqFt - Miami Beach, FL 33139

Realibrium brings brokers, realtors, bloggers and analysts its RealChartGen Chart Plugins technology. This technology offers the capability of generating real estate charts in real time on customer's web sites without major effort. Some of the most popular metrics are Sales Price Per Square Feet and Listing Price Per Square Feet (or Square Meter). Our real time chart generators produce a short piece of HTLM code (Plugin) for users to give to their web developer. The web developer will put the Plugin on the web site's page where the user wants to display the chart. We currently provide charts for over 33 cities with their corresponding zip codes and over 800 buildings in South Florida. The data used to generate the charts are updated every day from the same data source that is used in the MLS.​ ​

Main Charts Applications

Building Avg. Sales Price/SqFt - Continuum South Tower

  • Condos and Homes City Charts: ​Cities normally have several real estate market segments. For instance, Miami Beach has three zip codes, and the Avg. Sales Price/SqFt charts for each of the zip codes looks very different as they represent different market segments. So you may want to show a more specialized market analysis of Miami Beach by showing three different City and Zip Code charts; where each one is provided by a different Chart Plugin. You can also show more specialized charts for specific listing price ranges and/or number of bedrooms.​​
  • Building Charts: Brokers and realtors have specialized knowledge of their "farming" area. However there might be hundreds of buildings in those areas, and each one has a very different behavior when it comes to the Avg. Sales and Listing Price/SqFt of their condo units. So you can take it one step further and provide the Avg. Sales and Listing Price/SqFt (or SqMt) charts for each building. This way your customers can see how the sales and listing trends look like for each building and you can be better prepared to justify sales and listing prices to your customer base.​

Homes Avg. Sales Price/SqFt - Key Biscayne, FL