The Analyze and Buy Properties helps users find and generate detailed intelligence reports for condominiums or homes that meet their requirements. The two menu items under Property Search named Analyze & Buy a Condo, and Analyze & Buy a Home are used for this purpose.

Users need to specify some basic search parameters (which are optional) such as Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Minimum Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms, Year Built, Minimum Size, Street Name, Condominium Name, City, State and Zip Code. The search operation results in a list of condominiums or homes that meet the search parameters. The resulting list of properties can be sorted in several ways, by city, by condominium name, by listing price, by listing price per Square Feet (or Square Meter), by size and by number of bedrooms.

Once the user selects one of the properties, then the software will automatically generate a very detailed report with the MLS listing's information, a comparable market analysis with property sales and listing prices, market trend analysis, 7-year sales and rental charts, estimated purchase price, rental income, operating expenses, real estate taxes, and Return On Investment (ROI) - Cap Rates. This is done for all the MLS listings at the touch of a button.

We create all of these reports by using Proprietary Predictive Automatic Valuation Model (AVM) Algorithms, to analyze large amounts of real estate market data (Big Data) from sources such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Users can share these reports and create dedicated property's marketing campaigns for their customers by using the Share tab.

Main Applications

  • Generate Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) automatically with 7-year charts trends and tables for all listings in the MLS by using the most recent and relevant data
  • Get the next listing by assembling easily a very professional and technical listing presentation with Realibrium's comparables market analysis, charts and tables.
  • Do not miss out on buyers and sellers that are not in your farming area. Become the expert in other areas easily by analyzing comparable properties in the customer's area of interest. All without at the touch of a button.
  • Have all the data for each listing handy in your iPad for your daily showings.
  • Investors can get really quickly the Cap Rate (ROI) for each listing in the MLS and select the properties that are aligned with their financial objectives
  • Create focused campaigns by sharing each property's report with your customers via email, Twitter, Facebook and GooglePlus.