Analyze And Select Your Real Estate Investment And Realtor Easily

Buyers & Sellers

  • Use Analyze & Buy to get a detailed condo or home comparable sales price market analysis, with potential rental income and Cap Rate at the touch of a button
  • Accelerate your new search for a condo or home
  • Understand better the real estate market trends in your favorite areas  and buildings
  • Obtain automatically an estimated purchase price for properties listed in the MLS
  • Know upfront your selected property’s monthly expenses
  • Minimize your risk by selecting higher CAP rate properties in niche areas

Professional Investors

  • Get a detailed real estate market purchase price and Cap Rate analysis for each MLS listing with our proprietary Big Data analytics-driven Automatic Valuation Models (AVM)
  • Detect early critical macro and micro inflection points in the real estate market
  • Balance better your real estate portfolio by mitigating your risk and selecting properties in niche areas with better Cap Rates and healthier real estate market analytics
  • Perform a step-by-step real estate market trend analysis via our Navigator on your target condos or homes based on multiple search profiles

What Our Customers are Saying!

All of our customers want to know right away many aspects of the properties, such as if they are paying a fair price, the market momentum in the area or the building, the inventory, the monthly costs, the potential monthly rental income, and the Cap Rate. Virtual Realtor Analytics software platform allows us to do that and more. Customers have been very happy with our fast responses and accuracy.

Customer quote from Marcio Mesquita - Sao Paulo, Brazil - CondosCafe Realty Brazil

I was very impressed with the process and the reports that they provide for all listings in the MLS. I could find out quickly how all my properties are doing with respect to price and price trend, inventory, how long it takes to sell them, etc. In fact, after their initial analysis, I decided to sell my condo-hotel at the Fontainbleau II, and it sold within 2 months for 5% more than they predicted - $527,000. Some of the other comparable properties were listed much higher by other realtors and they have not sold them yet. I also purchased another condo-hotel at The W South Beach for $850,000 as they showed me that the Cap Rate is between 4.5% to 5%. I am quite happy with the new property.

Customer quote from Dr. Ino Halegua - Miami Beach, Florida - Investor

I have been very satisfied with Realibrium. The reports are concise, detailed and easy to follow. Realibrium is a great site to project the current value of one’s condo. One can predict selling trends in specific buildings and have a better idea how long it may take to sell a unit. At the same time, it helps finding the outlier units out there that can be great buying opportunities. Realibrium has taken what is expected from experience and changed it into a mathematical unbiased formula.

Customer quote from Dr. Parham Farid - Bethesda, Maryland - Investor

This is the perfect website that allows us to show all the properties information from our Ipads in real time, and most importantly consolidated in one place. The customer of today is very demanding and knowledgeable and they require that as a broker or agent, you are very well informed but also have an unbiased opinion of the market, and have the information readily available to them. Additionally, Realibrium is the only website where you can obtain potential rental income, operating expenses and cap rates for all listings of the Miami area MLS .

Customer quote from Angela Rincon - Miami, Florida - Prime Location Realty